Putnam County


Hubert Humphrey visited on April 29.
Ted Kennedy visited on May 6.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. visited on October 1.

John F. Kennedy visited on April 30.
Hubert Humphrey was scheduled to visit on May 9.
Muriel Humphrey was scheduled to visit on May 9.

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Campaign in Putnam County

John F. Kennedy visited Nitro on April 30. Hubert Humphrey stopped at Hurricane on April 29, and he and Muriel Humphrey were scheduled to visit Nitro on May 9.

Ted Kennedy was at Hurricane on May 6, and Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. was at Winfield on October 1.

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Advertisement, John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy at Nitro-St. Albans Democratic Rally, St. Albans Jr. High Auditorium, Hurricane Breeze, April 29, 1960
Advertisement, Hubert Humphrey and Muriel Humphrey itinerary for May 9, including Nitro, Charleston Gazette-Mail, May 8, 1960

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