Daily Campaign Stops

September 19, 1960

John F. KennedyCharleston

Article, Charleston Gazette, September 20, 1960
Article, Book Strap (Charleston High School), September 30, 1960

Ticket, 1960 Kennedy Dinner, Daniel Boone Hotel, Charleston
Invoice, newspaper ad for Kennedy speech at Civic Center, Charleston
Usher Tag or Placeholder, Kennedy Conference Dinner, Charleston
Logo, Kennedy Conference Dinner, Charleston
Dinner Ticket, Kennedy Conference Dinner
News Release, Kennedy Conference Dinner
Press Release, Kennedy Conference Dinner
Newspaper Ad, John F. Kennedy speech at Civic Center, Charleston
Press Release, August 26, 1960, for September 19 conference, Charleston
Tentative Agenda, September 19 conference
Letter, William S. Bolden to Syd Barksdale, Jr., regarding Civic Center rental, September 16, 1960
Letter, A. S. Barksdale, Jr. to Hon. John M. Slack, September 15, 1960
Contract, Atlantic Greyhound, for bus, September 16, 1960
List, Out of State guests to be introduced at Kennedy Conference
Letter, William S. Bolden to Syd Barksdale, Jr. regarding lunch menu
Night Letter, to county chairmen, September 13, 1960
Press Release, delegations to Kennedy Conference, September 18, 1960

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