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Wheeling Intelligencer
October 15, 1956

Kennedy Hits "Big Business" In Talk Here

Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy, in a talk before Democrats here yesterday, charged the Republican administration during the last four years has increased big business earnings six times as much as that of the average wage earner.

Kennedy, here for a rally at the Virginia Theatre, spoke on the subject "The Problems of This Day."

The youthful Massachusetts senator declared first that peace is being endangered for the United States through the possible loss of the "cold war." He said the Communists have made consistent gains since 1953 and have gained new footholds in Europe, Asia and Africa.

"Peace," Kennedy said, "is not the whole story:the balance of power between the free world and Communism is the basic issue. The United States has reaped a bitter harvest in the Middle East," Kennedy charged.

On the subject of progress during the regime of the present administration, Kennedy asserted that the Democratic party still has the best record as it pertains to schools, welfare, old age benefits and other issues for the average American.

Noting the Republican theme of prosperity, Kennedy charged that farm income is down, small business profits are lower, working men's earnings are up but only one-sixth as much as big business and that prices to the consumer are the highest ever.

"The Republicans haven't taken adequate steps to help overcrowded schools, to help the farmers, to provide adequate hospital facilities among others," Kennedy declared.

Kennedy arrived at Stifel Field at 1:45 p.m. from Pittsburgh and was escorted in a motorcade to the theatre. Carl Galbraith, Ohio County Democratic Party Executive Committee chairman, presided at the meeting.

Galbraith introduced candidates for city, county, state and national offices and then presented Kennedy.

Following the theatre appearance, Kennedy was taken to Wheeling Park where he participated in Holy Name Society activities. He was later taken to the airport for his return trip to Pittsburgh where he addressed another rally last night.

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