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Morgantown Dominion News
June 10, 1958

Dinner Is Now Sellout

Tickets sold out!

It will be another full house tomorrow for U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.), who will address a capacity crowd at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in Morgantown.

Julius W. Singleton, chairman of the Monongalia County Democratic Executive Committee and general chairman for the daylong event, said that response has exceeded all expectations and, for that reason, special arrangements have been made with Radio Station WAJR for a one-hour broadcast of the program to cover Senator Kennedy's address.

Dinner Chairman Miss Anne Hearst, member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, said all tickets have been sold for the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner to be held at 6:30 p. m. at the hotel. Senator Kennedy's address is scheduled for broad[cast] between 8:30 and 9:30 p. m. (daylight time).

The day's events will begin at 11 a. m. with registration, followed by a workshop at 2 p. m. on how to get out the votes, and the banquet at 6:30.

The workshop will be directed at Democratic workers from the precinct level up to county chairmen and all candidates and party officials in Northern West Virginia Counties.

All interested persons are urged to attend the workshop, which will be conducted by State Democratic Chairman Hulett C. Smith and William R. Ross, associate professor of political science at the University.

The workshop in the Coral Room will include welcoming remarks by Chairman Singleton, introduction of dignitaries and candidats, an outline of the State Democratic Headquarters, a discussion of precinct workers course, an analysis of the 1956 election results, summary and adjour[n]ment.

Miss Hearst said the various committees were headed by the following chairmen and co-chairmen.

Tickets - Mrs. Eulanda DeProspero and Mrs. Carl Craig.

Decorations and program - Mrs. C. K. Dorsey and Mrs. O. Rex Ford.

Hostess - Mrs. Dorothy Cathreno and Mrs. Clarence Johnson.

Appointment and menu - Mrs. Rosalie Boone and Mrs. Mary Barrickman.

Guest book - Mrs. Robert Tennant and Mrs. John Mehalic.

Correspondence - Mrs. Ben Fried and Miss Anne Hearst.

Among the top Democratic leaders attending will be Congressman Harley O. Staggers, Attorney General W. W. Barron, State Treasurer Orel Skeen, members of the State Board of Control and the State Supreme Court of Appeals.

Senator Kennedy is the party's leading aspirant for the Democratic nomination for President.

His "bandwagon" has been picking up support in recent months, capacity crowds are out to meet him at every stop. In 1956 he bearly [sic] received the Democratic nomination for the Vice Presidency.

After his talk here, he will stay in Morgantown until midnight meeting local residents, then fly to Boston, Mass., for a meeting of the Harvard University Board of Overseers, of which he is a member, and will also speak at Harvard.

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