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Parkersburg Sentinel
October 8, 1958

Kennedy to Address Democratic Luncheon

The appearance of U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy (D. Mass.) here tomorrow to ride in a parade, address a Democratic luncheon and "see as many people as possible" has sparked more excitement in local political circles than any political event in the past decade.

Charles A. Barnett, chairman of the Wood County Democratic Executive Committee, announced that the state is set for "the biggest event" in Parkersburg political history.

The advance ticket sale to the $5 per plate luncheon to be held at the Chancellor Hotel ballroom at 12:30 p. m. has "exceeded all expectations" Attorney William R. Pfalzgraf, chairman of the ticket committee, announced today.

Dr. William R. Goff, general chairman of arrangements, announced all committee chairmen and committee members report all details of the various events of the program were complete and in readiness for Senator Kennedy's arrival and appearance.

A colorful parade, under the direction of Fred P. Oliver, on Market Street at 12 o'clock noon with the Parkersburg Big Red High School Band furnishing the music will open the program. Senator Kennedy and his party will arrive in Parkersburg at 10:30 a. m.

All national, state and county Democratic candidates will be present to ride in the parade and welcome the youthful Massachusetts United States Senator.

The local committees for the luncheon and program are:

General chairman, Dr. William R. Goff; co-chairman, Mrs. John H. Randolph; honorary co-chairman, Mrs. J. B. Sammel; honorary co-chairman, Mrs. William B. Richardson.

Welcoming committee - Walter T. Crofton Jr., chairman; Clyde Beary, Miss Fern Hart, William Bruce Hoff, C. L. Howard, William Jacobs, John Hickel, Mrs. Glenola Burkhart, John F. Morris, Mrs. Justin Cottle, Mayor Frank Gove Jr., James S. McClinton Jr.

Arrangements - F. Roy Yoke, chairman; Charles V. Renner, Dr. A. R. Sidell, Dr. A. C. Woofter, Charles O. Atkinson, D. Ray Davis, Mrs. Stacey Jones, Mrs. Coral Jones, J. B. Haney, Dean Gramlich, Mrs. Betty Poole Dye, C. W. Collins, O. J. Stout, Mrs. W. R. Bigelow, Miss Virginia Beaty, Camden Sims, N. B. Biddle.

Out-of-town guests committee - Rolla A. Johnston, chairman; E. B. Pennybacker, C. Edward McDonough, Mrs. Tom Conway, Mrs. R. D. Lattimer, Lawrence Ronning.

Parade Committee - Fred P. Oliver, chairman; Carl E. Augustine, Ken Pfalzgraf, Raymond Fitch, Karl W. Moreland, George Lee, William B. Richardson, Alfred K. Hays, Fred Earley, Archie Burton.

Decorations - Mrs. Richard J. Donovan, chairman; Mrs. Denton Jobes, Mrs. Edith Ourbacher, Mrs. Anna Virginia, Mrs. C. L. Howard, Mrs. Fred Compton, Mrs. Madeline Thomas Brown.

Finance - Mrs. Robert P. Ingols, chairman; William Can.

Publicity - H. Sutton Sharp, chairman; Don F. Freeman.

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