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Follansbee Review
October 14, 1959

On The Distaff...

We were in Wellsburg Saturday morning where we had the opportunity to meet Mrs. John F. Kennedy, wife of the Senator from Massachusetts.

Hatless, and dressed simply in a red jersey sheath, black leather shoes and hand bag, Mrs. Kennedy presented a refreshing contrast to the usual picture one imagines of a candidate's wife.

Soft spoken and rather reserved in manner, we had the impression that she would much rather have been doing the interviewing than being interviewed by the women reporters who represented area newspapers and radio stations.

Senator and Mrs. Kennedy arrived at 10:15 Saturday morning by chartered plane from Pittsburgh, Pa., where he had addressed a capacity crowd the night before.

Mrs. Kennedy was greeted at the Ohio County Airport by Mrs. Robert Music, president of the Brooke County Democratic Woman's Club, Mrs. Robert Shute of Follansbee, secretary and associate chairman of the Executive Committee, Mrs. Eleanor Bickerstaff and Mrs. Richard Barnes of Wellsburg. The women then motored to the Wellsburg home of Mrs. Chernenko where the press conference and reception were in progress until time for the luncheon at the Elks Country Club.

More than 50 women from Brooke County called at the Chernenko home during the reception to meet the Senator's Lady. A beautifully appointed tea table was presided over by Mrs. Herbert Traubert of Follansbee and Mrs. Anthony Filberto of Wellsburg.

We noticed Mrs. Kennedy was wearing the shorter hem length that fashion dictates this fall, and asked her what she thought of shorter skirts. She replied that she rather liked the shorter length, but thought it was entirely up to the individual.

Her little daughter, Caroline, who will be two years old next month, was spending the week end with her Grandparents Kennedy. When asked if she ever had a baby sitting problem, like so many young mothers, she told us that the elder Kennedys were always delighted when she and the Senator had to be away, because then they could act as "official" baby sitters.

Mrs. Arthur Traubert of Wellsburg inquired about Caroline and was particularly interested because her own daughter is named Caroline.

Because of the Senator's busy schedule, extensive entertaining is no problem for Jackie Kennedy. They prefer to live a quiet life, with perhaps a few friends in for dinner from time to time, and no formal entertaining. A household staff of one girl, who "does everything" assists her in managing her home. The Kennedys reside in Georgetown, in a Colonial style home that is furnished in traditional with some antiques.

Her major interests, outside her home and family, are photography (she uses a Rollaflex camera) art, the theatre, which she adores, and painting. We were interested to learn that she works in water colors, in preference to oils. She has also done some creative writing, mostly Children's books of fantasy.

Two of the youngest guests at the reception, Gary (3 1/2) and Mark (7) Chernenko appeared shortly before the reception ended to meet the visiting celebrity, and like so many small fry in a similar situation, were more interested in the well-filled candy dish on the coffee table, than their Mommy's guest. However, we did notice as the reception ended, and the motorcade called at the house for Mrs. Kennedy, that Mark was the first person into the Kennedy car where he fulfilled his desire to shake hands with the Senator, and also, we observed, got to sit on his knee for a brief minute.

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