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Charleston Gazette
March 15, 1960

Sen. Wylie to Head Kennedy Campaign

State Sen. Ward Wylie of Mullens was named Monday as West Virginia campaign chairman for Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kennedy, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Kennedy is running against Minnesota Sen. Hubert Humphrey in the West Virginia primary May 10.

Kennedy named Sen. Wylie to head his West Virginia campaign after consultation with former Sen. Charles M. Love of Charleston, a member of his organizing committee in this state.

Robert P. McDonough of Parkersburg will serve as campaign director and Matthew Reese of Huntington will be executive secretary.

McDonough was a delegate to the 1956 Democratic National Convention. Reese was secretary to M. G. Burnside when he was a member of Congress from the Fourth District.

Kennedy will come here Wednesday to open his headquarters in the Kanawha Hotel. During the day he expects to make appearances at plant gates, shopping centers and other public places.

He'll leave in late afternoon for Madison, Wis. He also is entered in the Wisconsin primary against Humphrey.

Among prominent political figures who will campaign in West Virginia for Kennedy are Connecticut Gov. Abraham Ribicoff, Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. and members of the Kennedy family.

The same method of campaigning that gave him the edge in the recent New Hampshire primary will be used here.

Sen. Wylie, a practicing Mullens physician, is chairman of the Wyoming County Democratic Executive Committee, has served as chairman of the West Virginia Boxing Commission and president of the National Boxing Assn. He is the oldest senator in point of service in the West Virginia Legislature.

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