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Clarksburg Exponent
April 5, 1960

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. To Speak at Webster Springs

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., a former Congressman from New York and the son of a former President of the United States, will speak in Webster Springs, Tuesday, April 12, A. James Manchin of Parkersburg, who is helping with the campaign for president of U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy, announced Monday.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., will be in West Virginia helping the Kennedy candidacy. He will speak at p.m. on April 12 in the Webster County Court House.

A parade will start the evening's activities, led by the Webster Springs High School Band, at 6:30 p.m.

D. P. (Jake) Hines, the Webster County Democratic chairman, will deliver the welcome address, and John Shook, Webster County schools superintendent, will introduce Roosevelt.

All local candidates are invited.

Robert McDonough of Parkersburg, who is also working with the Kennedy campaign, has announced the results of a poll taken at the Webster County High School.

This is a poll sponsored on a national basis by a scholarship publication to stimulate student interest in government and politics. It is a learning experience which acquaints young citizens with candidates, issues and election procedure. The poll is carefully planned. Students are given a thumb nail review of each candidate and what each candidate has to say on each key issue.

High school students cast their votes as part of the National Student Poll of Presidency Primary.

The Straw Vote was held March 30 in the Webster Springs High School conducted by Carl (Bill) Williams.

Each class represents a precinct. All votes were tabulated and certified by teachers of the school.

The results of that poll were:

Kennedy, 143; Nixon, 123; Humphrey, 38; Johnson, 24; Stevenson, 30; Symington, 19.

In a similar poll taken in April of 1956 the students came within 1.3% of predicting the actual vote received by President Eisenhower.

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