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Hinton Daily News
April 6, 1960

'Undaunted' Humphrey Will Be Here Saturday

Undaunted Sen. Hubert Humphrey (D-Minn.) will arrive in West Virginia Friday to launch a bus tour of the southern part of the state one month before the West Virginia primary May 10.

His bus tour will bring him to Hinton Saturday morning.

After eating breakfast in Beckley, Senator Humphrey said he will leave for Hinton. He is scheduled to arrive in Hinton at 8:50 a.m. Saturday where he will be met by the Mayor and other local officials. Local chairman for Humphrey is Howard R. Cashwell.

Also to be on hand is County Democratic chairman, Van Trail. The high school band will be present and a public address system will be set up in the park.

After making a short speech, the Senator will mingle with the crowd.

Rein Vander Zee, a member of Humphrey's campaign headquarters at Charleston, said Humphrey "will be in West Virginia running here in spite of his defeat in Wisconsin Tuesday.

"I don't feel injured at all" by the Kennedy win, Humphrey said and then added with little apparent loss of vigor: "On to West Virginia."

Humphrey said Wisconsin "definitely was not a do-or-die affair," and added to his supporters: "I'm going to continue my campaign in West Virginia. I promise you it will be an interesting and good fight. I invite all of you to see the bout. I'm looking forward to it with extreme anxiety."

The Senator said he felt he did better in Wisconsin than Kennedy thought he would and added: "I leave Wisconsin very happy and kind of sad this primary is all over."

Sen. John F. Kennedy, the victor in Wisconsin despite a "stop-Kennedy campaign," said in Milwaukee that "I wish this were the end of the road but it isn't. We have to go to Indiana, West Virginia, Nebraska and Oregon."

The Humphrey three-day bus tour starting Friday will include stops at Marmet, Chesapeake, Cabin Creek, Montgomery, Fayetteville, Mt. Hope, Princeton, Madison, Logan, Man, Oceana, Welch and Bluefield, as well as Beckley and Hinton.

Kennedy has a whirlwind, one-day tour of the state scheduled Monday. He will travel both by air and automobile, and will visit Parkersburg, Charleston, Huntington and Beckley.

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