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Coal Valley News
April 7, 1960

U. S. Senator Byrd Will Introduce Sen. Humphrey

The Humphrey-Kennedy campaign starts in West Virginia in all seriousness Saturday here at Madison, following the primary election in Wisconsin which resulted in a vote of 478,000 for Kennedy, 372,000 for Humphrey and 344,000 for Nixon - with an unnamed number of Republicans crossing over to vote for Kennedy or Humphrey - as Nixon was unopposed.

Senator Humphrey will speak Saturday evening at the Veterans' Memorial Building at 8:00 p. m. and will be introduced by U. S. Senator R. C. Byrd.

At 6:00 p. m. there will be a reception in the reception room of the building, followed at 6:45 by a dinner in the dinning [sic] hall. All but 25 or less of the 250 tickets have already been sold. But more than this number will be privileged to listen to the Humphrey address, especially as a loud speaker is to be installed in the reception room.

Judge K. K. Hall will be master-of-ceremonies.

It should be possible for from 400 to 500 people to hear Senator Humphrey.

F. D. Roosevelt Jr. Speaks for Kennedy Saturday at Noon

Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. will speak in behalf of U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy in Madison at the Courthouse at 12:00 noon Saturday, April 9th, beginning the contest in West Virginia for the popular vote. Roosevelt goes on to Logan Saturday night. But the crash campaign between these youthful party stalwarts starts in Boone.

This is the second appearance of a Roosevelt in Boone County as Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of the great New Deal president, mother of F. D. R. Jr., went through Madison to Logan in the depression years.

Sen. Kennedy is expected to make a p[e]rsonal appearance in Madison later.

Fred Ramsey has been asked to manage the Kennedy-for-President campaign locally. He is establishing Kennedy headquarters here. Mr. Ramsey will introduce Mr. Roosevelt at the Saturday appearance.

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