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Fayette Tribune
April 7, 1960

Kennedy Visit Rescheduled to Sat., April 30

U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy, who was scheduled to be in Oak Hill and other Fayette communities this coming Monday will not appear here until the latter part of the month it was announced today.

A schedule readjustment was required and the Senator will come to Oak Hill and other Fayette towns on Saturday, April 30.

Kennedy is opposing Senator Humphrey for the Democratic Presidential Nomination in West Virginia.

Presidential Hopeful To Arrive In Fayette County Friday at Noon

Senator Hubert Humphrey To Be In Fayetteville, Oak Hill, Mt. Hope Biggest Part of Afternoon Tomorrow

U.S. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey (D-Minn) will arrive in Fayette county tomorrow (Friday). He will begin a grind on the state's political trails which he hopes will help him to overcome his defeat at the hands of U.S. Senator John Kennedy (D-Mass) in Tuesday's Wisconsin presidential primary election.

In a poll taken by the Tribune several months ago Senator Kennedy won a straw poll vote in the county. But since that time Senator Humphrey has become well known in the county, and most Fayette political leaders are reported to be in Humphrey's corner at this time. Humphrey also is expected to receive the support of the UMW.

Senator Humphrey is a down-to-earth type of campaigner who is expected to appeal to West Virginia. His excessive statement, which was given to the Montgomery Herald and the Fayette Tribune this week has been widely hailed by the general public as being one of sincere, hard-hitting phrases which also appeals to local voters.

Democrat campaign manager in Fayette County J. Zane Summerfield said today that he hopes large crowds are on hand to greet this presidential aspirant.

Senator Humphrey is scheduled to arrive in Montgomery at 12 noon tomorrow. Humphrey and his staff of about 25 people will stop in their chartered bus at the Greyhound depot at Montgomery.

He will be introduced to the audience by Attorney Earl M. Vickers. He then will make a short speech and meet as many people on the streets as possible.

Humphrey is then scheduled to have lunch in the West Virginia Tech cafeteria.

Montgomery Mayor Denver Brown and members of the city council of Montgomery will be on hand to handle the arrangements for the Senator's visit. He is expected to spend an hour in Montgomery.

Senator Humphrey is expected to arrive at Fayetteville at 2 p.m. Summerfield said he would be in Fayetteville "between 2 and 3 p.m."

At Fayetteville plans are being made to have Senator Humphrey make a short talk. He will make his public appearance at the Fayette county court house.

At Oak Hill Senator Humphrey will make an appearance on Main St., somewhere near the Oak Hill Drug co. He is scheduled to make some short remarks and then mix and shake hands with the people on the street.

G. Steele Callison said Senator Humphrey should arrive in Oak Hill "between 3 and 4 p.m." He is expected to be in Oak Hill at 3:30 p.m.

Mayor C.E. Howard of Mt Hope reported that Humphrey would come through Mt Hope at 4:30 p.m. on his journey to Beckley. Arrangements have been made for a stop in front of the Princess Theatre, Main St.

The Humphrey caravan will proceed to the front of Mt. Hope high's auditorium, Main St. where Humphrey will speak to the gathered people.

Sheriff Okey Mills of Raleigh county has extended an invitation to all citizens of Fayette county who may not get the opportunity to see Senator Humphrey during the afternoon to attend a big rally planned at Beckley tomorrow night.

Sheriff Mills also said the invitation is open even if a person is fortunate enough to see the nationally known Democrat political figure in the afternoon.

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