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Jackson Herald
April 8, 1960

Kennedy Visits County May 1

Ravenswood will be honored on May 1 by the presence of the Honorable John F. Kennedy, a candidate for the nomination of President of the United States on the Democratic ticket.

A reception will be given by the Democratic women of Jackson county at the Ravenswood community building, according to an announcement made today by Mrs. Edna McGugin, chairman of the committee on arrangements.

Mrs. McGugin said that the affair will be from 12:15 p. m. to 2:00 o'clock and will be open to the public.

Kennedy and his group will arrive in Ravenswood at noon on Sunday, May 1, and will go immediately to the community building to greet those attending.

Senator Kennedy, who is regarded as one of the ablest members of the senate, will speak in Parkersburg Sunday morning before coming to Ravenswood.

It is not known at this time if he will be accompanied by Mrs. Kennedy, who has been traveling extensively with her husband during his campaign.

In making arrangements for the reception, Mrs. McGugin will be assisted by the Democratic women of the county and urges anyone who is not contacted and wishes to help to get in touch with her.

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