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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
April 10, 1960

Humphrey Whirls In, Out Of Mercer County

Large Group Greets Him In Princeton

Accuses Ike of Playing Favorites

Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota whirled in and out of Mercer County in his campaign for the presidency yesterday.

He arrived in Princeton about noon Saturday by bus, with about thirty people in his party. He had been met at the city boundary by some of his well wishers and a police escort, and moved through midtown to the courthouse.

There Humphrey was greeted by Mayor E. W. Anderson and other city and county officials. The party then moved on foot to Maidenform factory, where Humphrey had lunch and made a speech. He was introduced by R. W. (Bob) Edwards of Princeton, a business agent for the AFL-CIO.

Contesting With Kennedy

Humphrey spent last night in Beckley, and was in Hinton Saturday morning enroute to Princeton.

Senator John Kennedy of Massachusetts is vieing with Humphrey in the West Virginia presidential campaign and will arrive in the state Monday.

Kennedy plans to visit Parkersburg, Charleston, Huntington and Beckley.

Speaking at a luncheon at Maidenform, Humphrey discussed the interdependence of different segments of the American economy.

"When you read that there is trouble on the farm, you'll find out that there is unemployment in the city," he said, adding that the reverse also is true.

Economy Out Of Balance

He said that any time government "plays favorites or indulges in special privileges" for one segment of the economy at the expense of the other, the economy is thrown out of balance.

He got a big laugh in his brassiere factory speech when he observed that he was "trying to uplift the economy."

While in Mercer County, the Humphrey party made a side trip to Concord College at Athens. He avoided any partisan references in speaking to a secretarial group that was meeting there and refrained from passing out campaign buttons or literature during the campus appearance.

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