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Welch Daily News
April 11, 1960

Presidential Candidate Here

Senator Humphrey Brings Campaign To This Area

Democratic presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey brought his intensive campaign into Welch and McDowell County this afternoon.

The Minnesota United States Senator came here from Pineville, where he was met by a large crowd, and was welcomed with music by the Pineville High School Band.

On To Mercer

Sen. Humphrey was scheduled to arrive in Welch about 1:30 o'clock. After a short stop here, he was to move into Mercer County.

Sen. Humphrey was to meet local Democratic political leaders at a luncheon at 1:30 o'clock at the Central Cafe.

Meanwhile, his May 10 primary election opponent - Sen. John F. Kennedy - began his campaign with appearances elsewhere in the state.

Humphrey took his chartered bus from Charleston before breakfast. The party [d]rove to Logan for breakfast and an early-morning speech to people headed to work.

The seemingly tireless Humphrey campaigned 16 hours a day Friday and Saturday in other parts of Southern West Virginia's depressed coal fields, flew to Washington for a television appearance Sunday and made another appearance Sunday night in Charleston.

He said he was appalled at destitute conditions in the southern coal fields.

"I was not prepared for what I saw," he said. "I don't believe any American can see this and be satisfied. If the Soviet newspapers would take pictures of some of these conditions and show around the world it would make American democracy look pretty sick. It is one of the worst depressed areas I have seen anywhere.

"It seems to me it would be helpful - and it is long overdue - for the president, vice president or a member of the Cabinet to tour this area and make a direct report to Congress. We have a government today that just doesn't care."

Humphrey was to visit the Logan, Pineville, Welch and Bluefield areas today and tonight, then return to Washington. He will be back in West Virginia April 25 and May 2, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10.

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