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Fairmont Times
April 12, 1960

Kennedy Visit Here Planned

Presidential Candidate Coming Next Monday

Ted Kennedy, youngest brother of Sen. John F. Kennedy, was the principal speaker at a preliminary planning session of the Marion County Kennedy-for-President Club in the courthouse last night.

Sen. Kennedy, who will be in Fairmont for several hours next Monday, is scheduled to speak from the courthouse steps at noon that day.

At last nights meeting, Kennedy outlined plans for a campaign to be carried on by Marion County Democrats in the senator's behalf which will include an extensive telephone and door-to-door personal canvass of all Democrats in the county, coffees to be held by Democratic women of the area, and the establishment of campaign headquarters here in a week.

One or more of the Kennedy sisters is slated to be in Fairmont to aid in the distaff side of the campaign, according to Kennedy.

Kennedy was accompanied to Fairmont last night by Lem Billings, a former college classmate of the presidential candidate, who is aiding in campaign activities.

Commenting on the progress of the campaign last night, Kennedy said, "We have found that there is a great deal of sentiment in behalf of Jack here in West Virginia. In the next four weeks we hope to marshal this sentiment and focus it upon a primary victory for Jack in this state. One thing we are certain of and that is that this is going to be the place where his entire political future will be decided.

"Even though Jack is coming to West Virginia on the crest of one of the most resounding triumphs ever witnessed in primary election history, both in Wisconsin and New Hampshire, we realize fully that only a victory in your state can ensure Jack's nomination."

Ted, a law graduate of the University of Virginia last year, began campaigning on behalf of his brother during the past September. He will proceed with campaign activities in Clarksburg today, and will make a final campaign trip to Charleston tomorrow before the Easter holidays. He will resume campaigning in the state next Monday following his return from Massachusetts.

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