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Weirton Daily Times
April 12, 1960

Roosevelt in Support Of Sen. Kennedy

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. son of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke to a group of more than 300 persons Monday evening at the County Court House in Wellsburg.

Roosevelt spoke in behalf of John Kennedy, candidate for President of the U.S.

Roosevelt said he is backing Kennedy because he knew the background of the Kennedy family and because his father the late Franklin Delano Roosevelt respected John Kennedy and his family. He stated that the Senator father was appointed by President Roosevelt as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and as our Ambassador to Great Britain. Senator Kennedy is also a worthy son of an American that has written state and national history for 3 generations. Roosevelt also stated that one of the Senator's grandfathers was a member of the Massachusetts State house and Senate. He is also the brother of the St. Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.; U.S.N.R. posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.

He told the audience that the West Virginia Primary is being watched by every citizen in the 50 states in the union and the world around. He said the election would express an opinion as to who will lead the Democratic Party in the coming election. He stated that he felt confident that a Democrat would be the next president of the U.S.

Roosevelt told of knowing all the men who are now campaigning for president. After making a decision he said he choose John Kennedy because he knew he was the man to lead the citizens of the country.

I remember when my father first became President of the U.S. of the bread lines, soup lines and the closing of the banks. I can still hear my father make the statement "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Not to long after he uttered these words smoke began from the stacks at mills and wheat was once again being raised and ready for harvest.

In 1960 the world is once again facing a crisis as more than four million persons are facing unemployment, Roosevelt said.

He stated that the Democratic Party has some real great leaders but the bosses of the Republican Party choose their man. He remarked that not all Republicans are happy with their choice of Nixon for President.

In the Wisconsin primaries Kennedy won by a 57 percent vote and Roosevelt said that Humphrey who was the defeated Democratic candidate defeated the Republican candidate Richard Nixon. He said if President Eisenhower wouldn't have admitted he was for Nixon before the Wisconsin primaries and would have waited he possibly would not have made the statement.

Roosevelt said he wished people would not use the Religious issue about Kennedy. He said this was a terrible thing to use religion in politics in America.

In 1621 the Roosevelt family came to the United States to escape from Religion prosecution. We should be proud to be free men Roosevelt said, and not use the subject against a man. They didn't ask Kennedy if he was a Catholic during World War II and those who knew what his religion was did not condemn him then and should not now.

In ending his speech he stated he would be visiting West Virginia again in the near future.

Ralph Pryor, prosecuting attorney and candidate for judge of the First Judicial District, introduced Roosevelt at the Rally. Pryor is chairman of the Kennedy-for-President organization in the First Congressional District of W. Va.

Pryor announced that Kennedy would appear at the McClure [sic] Hotel in Wheeling on April 19 from 7 to 9 p.m. Public being invited to attend. He also announced that Kennedy would appear at the Weirton Community Center on Sunday, May 1 and will be the principal speaker at a dinner to be held at the Center. It was reported that more than 900 tickets were sold for the affair.

Richard Barnes, assistant prosecuting attorney of Brooke County was the toastmaster. Barnes who is candidate for Delegate At Large announced he was pledged to Kennedy if elected. Others who are running for the same office and are pledged to Kennedy are John Camilli of Weirton, Alfred Chapman of Wheeling and William Hussins of Fairmont.

John Chernenko of Wellsburg gave the introduction of candidates.

Also appearing with Roosevelt on his tour of West Virginia was Fred A. Forbes campaign aide.

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