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Welch Daily News
April 12, 1960

Sen. Humphrey Campaigns Here

Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey brought his presidential campaign into McDowell County Monday afternoon, arriving in Welch without fanfare and for what must have been a disappointing reception.

A private car, equipped with a sound system, preceded the Senator's chartered bus into Welch, spreading the news that "Humphrey is coming" and dispensing campaign music.

By the time the huge vehicle pulled up in front of the Flat Iron Drug on McDowell Street, fewer than 100 persons, most of them local political leaders, were on hand to say hello. Humphrey, accompanied by his attractive grey-haired wife, stepped smilingly from the bus and started the handshaking and chatting routine, a trademark of his campaign.

But before he had an opportunity to get to the few people who were on the street, he was taken in hand and hustled to the Central Cafe for a private luncheon attended by approximately 30 political leaders and guests.

The Senator chatted with his hosts and guests and following the luncheon delivered a brief talk.

Campaign literature, Humphrey buttons and "Muriel Humphrey's recipe for beef soup" were distributed by attractive young women. The Senator's entourage also included press agents, campaign managers and other personnel.

Leaving Welch for Bluefield, the Senator took time off for stops in Kimball, Keystone, Northfork and other areas.

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