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Wheeling News-Register
April 12, 1960

Kennedy Nomination Predicted By FDR Jr.

Doubts Humphrey Has Chance

"If Kennedy wins in West Virginia there is no question but that he'll be nominated by the convention in Los Angeles," stated Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., last night at the Brooke County Democrat rally at Wellsburg.

"If Humphrey wins in West Virginia, I feel that he still doesn't stand a chance of being nominated by the convention," he added.

He believes that Kennedy will win the West Virginia race, but admitted that Senator Humphrey would put up a strong battle.

Roosevelt said that voters should not consider whether Senator Kennedy is a Catholic or not, when they go to the primary to name delegates to the National Convention, May 10.

"Senator Kennedy has served his country with devotion and integrity in war and peace" said the son of the former president. "Any American, regardless of religion, has the right to be president."

In his talk to the crowded courtroom, Roosevelt said that he and Kennedy were neighbors, that they grew up together and went to Harvard together. He said that Kennedy's father was closely associated with President Roosevelt. He revealed that both Senator Kennedy and himself were in the Navy together, during World War II.

He pointed out that John L. Lewis and George Meany are "good friends" of Senator Kennedy, and claimed that practically all labor, except Hoffa of the Teamsters, will support his man.

He believes New York, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio and Illinois, for instance, the big vote states, will go for Kennedy.

Senator Kennedy is to be in West Virginia from April 17 to and including April 19, which he will spend in the Wheeling area. He will be at West Liberty State College from 10:45 to 11:15 a.m. April 19, it was revealed today by Attorney John Kalmowski of Wheeling. He will speak at Wellsburg that night. Later, on May 1, he will make a talk at Weirton.

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