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Clarksburg Telegram
April 13, 1960

Ted Kennedy Sees Hard Job For Brother

Ted Kennedy, younger brother of U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy, thinks that the Senator will have a hard fight in his battle to defeat U. S. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey (D-Minn.) in the presidential phase of the West Virginia Democratic primary, May 10.

"I think it is going to be a difficult and hard fight," Ted Kennedy asserted during a Clarksburg visit Tuesday. "I thnk that there has been during the past few days a concentrated effort by many of the national Democratic figures to try to effect a 'Stop Kennedy' movement here in the state. We certainly hope the people will make the decision on May 10 on the basis of the two candidates and will not pay attention to outside interference.

"This is going to be a hard-fought and vigorous campaign," Ted Kennedy continued.

Young Ted Kennedy told of visits Tuesday to the Westinghouse plant at Fairmont; the Hazel-Atlas plant of Continental Can and the Eagle-Convex plant here, and the Four States Mine in Marion County.

"The sentiment was generally favorable," Ted Kennedy declared in telling of his interviews with scores of laboring people in this area.

With the exception of a few days, Ted Kennedy expects to remain in West Virginia until after the May 10 primary. He pointed out that his brother Jack, who will be here Monday, is also entered in the Nebraska primary May 10, and is also a candidate in the Indiana primary.

"He (Senator Kennedy) believes this is the most important primary and that certainly his political future is going to be decided in Clarksburg and other communities like Clarksburg across the state," Ted Kennedy asserted.

The young Mr. Kennedy thinks that the "votes of confidence" Jack received in New Hampshire and Wisconsin will have tremendous effect in his behalf in the West Virginia primary.

"I think that the people generally are greatly interested in Jack," Ted Kennedy concluded.

Ted Kennedy was originally scheduled to address a Democratic gathering Tuesday night at the Harrison County Courthouse, but plans were changed and he was to address a rally in Webster Springs instead of the Clarksburg gathering.

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