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Clarksburg Exponent
April 14, 1960

10 U. S. Senators Will Visit Clarksburg

Johnson Will Give Address For Dems Here

Democratic Chairman Stout Gives Details for May 7 Party Gathering

Ten United States Senators will be in Clarksburg on May 7 for the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner at which Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, the Majority Leader of the Senate, will be the principal speaker.

The banquet, to be held at the Masonic Temple, will attract many other distinguished guests.

The details were given Wednesday night in a statement by Harrison County Democratic Chairman Ben B. Stout. Stout's statement follows:

"The Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner to be held in Clarksburg Saturday evening, May 7th, will honor the great Senator from Texas, the Honorable Lyndon B. Johnson, Majority Leader of the United States Senate, who will deliver the featured address.

"In addition to Senator Johnson, present will be United State Senators Jennings Randolph and Robert C. Byrd from West Virginia and Clarksburg's own Congressman Cleveland M. Bailey.

"Also in attendance will be United States Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., who will represent Senator Jack Kennedy of Massachusetts. Other guests who have indicated they will be present are United States Senators B. L. Bartlett of Alaska, Allen Bible of Nevada, Dennis Chavez of New Mexico, J. Allen Frear of Delaware, Theodore Francis Green of Rhode Island, Vance Hartke of Indiana, and Oren B. Long of Hawaii, and Congressman Victor Anfuso of New York.

"These Senators and Congressmen represent a good cross-section of the United States, including all the great religious faiths and political thought of the whole country. Senator Johnson will almost have a quorum."

Chairman Stout emphasized that the purpose of the dinner will be to raise funds for the Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee, to be used in the fall election.

Kennedy Will Be Honor Guest At Reception Here

Free Coffee and Doughnuts To Be Served During Visit on Monday

United States Senator John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) will be at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel from 9 until 10 a. m. Monday, April 18, and every resident of this area is cordially invited to attend the reception which will be held in the hotel ballroom.

Coffee and doughnuts will be served by the women of the Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee and there will be no charge, Victor Gabriel, chairman of the Kennedy-for-President movement in Harrison County, announced.

The plans were worked out at a conference between Atty. John H. Treanor Jr., of Boston, Mass., an advance man for Senator Kennedy, and Gabriel, with the cooperation of Harrison County Democratic Chairman Benjamin B. Stout.

Every person present at the reception will have the opportunity to shake hands with Senator Kennedy and to discuss problems of the day with him. He will not leave the ballroom until he has met every person desiring to see him.

The appearance of Senator Kennedy here will be one of the highlights of his campaign in West Virginia. The usual press and radio conferences will precede the reception.

The appearance of Senator Kennedy himself here will follow the visits of several advance men, including his two brothers, Bob Kennedy, the rackets-buster, and Ted Kennedy, the younger brother, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., and Judge John M. Bailey, the latter Democratic state chairman in Connecticut, and others have been here.

Senator Kennedy will give a brief address as part of the reception here. In that speech he will make clear his stand on major public issues and attempt to resolve any doubts potential supporters may have concerning him.

"I have been assured by Senator Kennedy's headquarters in Charleston," Victor Gabriel declared, "that the people of Harrison County will have the opportunity to meet with Senator Kennedy's three sisters, as well as his wife, Jackie Kennedy, before the campaign ends."

Senator Kennedy will leave the Stonewall Jackson Hotel at approximately 10:15 a.m. Monday, accompanied by his staff and newsmen from New York, Washington, and other cities. Five automobiles and a station wagon will be required to handle the personnel and equipment.

From the hotel he will go to the local Hazel-Atlas plant of the Continental Can Company, where he will tour the factory and shake the hands of workers.

Senator Kennedy then will motor to Marion County, where he will speak from the courthouse plaza in Fairmont and attend a luncheon. He then will go to the Fairmont Owens-Illinois glass plant where he will tour the factory and greet workmen.

The next stop will be in Morgantown, where a schedule of stops is being worked out.

At the reception here, Victor Gabriel will introduce Harrison County Chairman Ben B. Stout, and he in turn will introduce Senator Kennedy.

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