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Morgantown Post
April 15, 1960

Kennedy Wife to Be Honored In City Monday

Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts, and his wife Jacqueline, will be honored at a reception Monday night at the Hotel Morgan. The affair will be held at 8 pm in the ballroom.

Senator Kennedy will be traveling throughout the Mountain State next week, where the polls and the experts are indicating he may have a tough time winning the presidential primary.

The polls taken so far have been small, and could be altogether misleading on whether the Democrats here prefer Kennedy or Sen. Hubert Humphrey. They were just straws in the wind.

Backing them up have been the pronouncements of many of the political experts Gov. Underwood was one of the latest of these to speak out.

He predicted at a news conference in New York yesterday that the primary would be very close. "Humphrey is on an equal footing with Kennedy," he said.

Which of the two wins, he thought, might well hang on the campaigning done between now and May 10.

One of the polls, reported by the Charleston Daily Mail, turned up 36 Democrats for Kennedy, 35 for Humphrey, seven undecided and two who did not intend to vote. The place was Huntington, and the answers were gotten by going from door to door and asking.

The Fayette Tribune at Oak Hill reported its polling of 300 Democrats revealed 54 percent for Humphrey and 46 for Kennedy.

Both of the candidates already have campaigned in West Virginia. Humphrey was here for most of four days ending last Monday. Kennedy came in for that day alone.

Next week, if the schedules hold, Kennedy will have the state to himself. His plans call for him to come in Sunday night and not leave until Wednesday night.

For the first time he'll get to the northern section, which so far has not been toured by Humphrey either.

Kennedy is going to divide Monday between Clarksburg, Fairmont, and Morgantown. On Tuesday, he'll concentrate on Wheeling. It will be the Beckley and Charleston areas and Huntington on Wednesday.

Humphrey is not due back in the state until the following week. The first time around, he did Charleston and the southern coal counties.

An announcement last night indicated that while he personally will not be here during the Kennedy swing, the family will be represented. Mrs. Humphrey is to be in Clarksburg next Monday to open her husband's headquarters for Northern West Virginia.

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