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Grafton Sentinel
April 18, 1960

Mrs. Hubert H. Humphrey To Visit Grafton Tuesday

The first major political event on the Democratic national scene for Grafton will occur Tuesday afternoon, when Mrs. Hubert H. Humphrey, visits the Memorial City in the interests of her husband's presidential campaign.

Mrs. Humphrey is scheduled to arrive in Grafton at 4:30 p.m. travelling with a campaign trailer, which will be parked on downtown West Main Street for an hour.

Several hundred members of the Democratic party are expected to be received by Mrs. Humphrey at the trailer during the informal coffee hour.

According to Eugene P. Foley, Northern West Virginia Campaign coordinator for the Humphrey forces, Mrs. Humphrey has not had the opportunity to be an active campaigner in her husband's earlier political career because her children were too young to be left alone during the course of the campaign.

Foley, a former professor of natural law at St. Mary's Law School, said, however, that Mrs. Humphrey was a "natural." Foley added, "She has a warm and outgoing personality that makes people feel comfortable and just plain 'folksy' when they get to visit with her."

"In fact," added Foley, "it is because we find that so many folks like to meet Mrs. Humphrey over an informal cup of coffee and a donut that we have a mobile "Coffee-pantry' [sic] traveling with Mrs. Humphrey. It is a "kitchen on wheels' [sic] and permits folks to just relax and enjjoy [sic] themselves while talking with Mrs. Humphrey."

Foley is on leave of absence as Legislative Counsel to the Senate Small Business Committee. Born in Saint Paul Minnesota, Foley is a graduate of Saint Thomas College in Minnesota and the University of Vienna in Austria.

Mrs. Humphrey will be a guest of the Grafton Kiwanis Club at a meeting at Cozy Rest Restaurant at 6:30 p.m.

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