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Morgantown Post
April 18, 1960

Northern W.Va. Target for Sen. Kennedy Today

Arrives in City at 3:15 this Afternoon

Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts directs his West Virginia campaign at north-central counties today as he visits Clarksburg, Fairmont, and Morgantown.

He will arrive in Morgantown at 3:15 pm for tours of the Sterling Faucet Plant, the Miner's Memorial Center and the Scotts Run area. Senator Kennedy will give a brief address at "The Shack," at 4 pm and then return to the Hotel Morgan where a public reception will be held at 8 pm.

Senator Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline, will accompany him here today. They will personally greet all who attend the receptions at "The Shack," and the Hotel Morgan.

The Kennedy Caravan will travel to the northern panhandle counties late tonight for speaking engagements tomorrow.

George Fumich and Herman V. Walker are co-chairmen for the Kennedy visit here. The Massachusetts Senator is opposing Hubert Humphrey in the May 10 presidential primary in the Mountain State.

Humphrey will not return to West Virginia until April 25. However, Mrs. Muriel Humphrey, will start a three-day tour today throughout central and southern counties.

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