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Wheeling News-Register
April 18, 1960

Literature Attacking Kennedy Is Readied

Wisconsin Man Plans Distribution

Literature attacking Sen. John F. Kennedy and his Catholic church affiliation will be distributed during tomorrow evening's public reception for Kennedy in Wheeling, it was disclosed today.

A man who identified himself as Kenneth F. Klinkert of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, indicated he would pass out the literature.

Klinkert said he is not a public heckler at Kennedy rallies but distributes literature at the events. He claims he is not affiliated with any organization, is "between jobs right now" and made the trip from Wisconsin at his own expense.

Kennedy and his supporters are being accused by backers of Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey of "playing up" bigotry in the primary campaign. Kennedy and Humphrey will be clashing as Democratic presidential opponents in the May 10 West Virginia primary.

Meanwhile, Sen. Kennedy is scheduled to arrive at the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport late tonight prior to tomorrow's activities in the area.

Kennedy said today in Clarksburg that unemployment and economically depressed areas are "the issue in this campaign, not where I go to church on Sunday."

This was Kennedy's reference to the religious issue during a short speech before some 200 persons who crowded inside the Stonewall Jackson Hotel ballroom for a coffee-and-doughnuts gathering.

Kennedy told the Clarksburg gathering that "there is no state in the United States that is more in need than West Virginia of a new administration, a Democratic administration that is willing to take up where Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman left off."

Kennedy is scheduled to fly to Wheeling after a reception in Morgantown tonight.

His area tour will begin tomorrow at 9:30 a. m. at Bethany College. He will be at West Liberty State College at 10:45 a. m. at WTRF-TV at 11:45, back to the McLure Hotel at 12:30, at the Sylvania plant at 2 p.m., at the Hazel Atlas plant at 3 p. m. and then may walk the streets of downtown Wheeling until 5 p. m. A press conference at the McLure is scheduled for 5 p. m. with the public reception to be held from 7:30 until 9 p. m. in the Colonnade Room of the McLure Hotel.

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