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Charleston Gazette
April 19, 1960

Stydahar Not After WVU Job

It was just a coincidence that big Joe Stydahar was in Charleston Monday an hour or so after news had broken that Art Lewis had resigned as football coach at West Virginia U.

Joe, one of pro football's all time greats and five times all-National League tackle, had heard about Lewis' resignation, which was handed to WVU President Elvis J. Stahr Monday morning.

He wasn't surprised. But he made it very plain he wasn't after the job, as he was back in 1948 when they gave it to Dudley S. Degroot.

"I've been out of coaching for five years now and have no desire to go back," said the Shinnston boy who played a lot of football and basketball for the Mountaineers back in the 30s.

"I'm still in the box business in Chicago and doing okay," said the big fellow.

Actually, his mission to West virginia this time is to campaign for Senator Jack Kennedy of Massachusetts, who has placed his name in the balloting for president in the West Virginia primary next month.

Joe took Sen. Kennedy's brother, Bob, down to the Civic Center for a look at the West Virginia sports writers' Hall of Fame Monday. Stydahar is one of the 16 state sports greats who has a plaque hanging in the hall. It was his first look at it.

"This is a great thing," said Joe, "I hope West Virginia people always give it their support. I'm real honored and proud that my plaque is there and I thank the people of Shinnston for making it possible."

Shortly afterwards, he left for Clarksburg, where he plans to shake a few hands and tell the folks of Harrison County to vote for Kennedy.

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