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Clarksburg Exponent
April 20, 1960

Mrs. Humphrey Visits Grafton, Bridgeport, Morgantown in Day

Morgantown - Mrs. Hubert H. Humphrey, wife of the Senator from Minnesota, rested in Morgantown late Tuesday night after being on the campaign trail through Central West Virginia throughout the day.

Her day started with breakfast at the Hotel Gore in Clarksburg, where about 30 Democrats, several of them members of the Harrison County Democratic Executive Committee, dined with her. She was introduced by Harrison County Democratic Chairman Ben B. Stout.

Also attending the breakfast were her sons, Bobby, 16, and Douglas, 12, who are on the campaign trail with Mrs. Humphrey.

After a press conference, Mrs. Humphrey, traveling in her own station wagon, tried something new in campaigning and it worked well, she reported. Equipped with a day's supply of hot coffee and doughnuts, she traveled to the Northview section of Clarksburg where she greeted residents at the intersection of 16th Street and Hamil Avenue and at the intersection of 20th Street and Hamil Avenue.

Several of the residents of the area were invited to have coffee with her, and they did so. Douglas, meanwhile, enjoyed his favorite part of campaigning:handling out buttons and literature and telling people why they should vote for his dad.

At Bridgeport, Harrison County, Mrs. Humphrey stopped at the Bridgeport Civic Center where 300 women, attired in Spring finery, were attending a Garden Club meeting. She addressed the women concerning her husband's candidacy.

Next stop was Grafton, railroad hub and the County Seat of Taylor County, where street-campaigning was practiced, assisted by Ted Rollins, Democratic leader, and Mrs. Maxine Peters, president of the Democratic Woman's Club in Grafton.

On Tuesday evening Mrs. Humphrey addressed the Grafton Kiwanis Club members at Cozy Rest on Highway 50 after her introduction by Joseph Kalo, the club president. She spoke to the club members about her family.

She toured several factories in and near Morgantown Tuesday night, meeting scores of workers. Just before leaving Clarksburg she had visited the Maiden Form plant there and had chatted with the women workers and the plant officials.

Wednesday morning approximately 50 Monongalia County and State Democratic Executive Committee members will have breakfast with Mrs. Humphrey.

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