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Fairmont Times
April 20, 1960

Muriel Humphrey Comes Here Today

Reception at Fairmont Hotel This Afternoon to Feature Visit; Senator Arrives Next Monday

Plans have been completed for the visit here today of Mrs. Muriel Humphrey on a campaign trip in the interests of her husband, Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota, who is one of two candidates in the West Virginia presidential primary on May 10.

At the same time, Eugene P. Foley, Humphrey campaign coordinator for Northern West Virginia, said at Clarksburg headquarters that the senator's speech here next Monday night will not primarily be in the furtherance of his campaign.

The dinner, a $10-plate affair arranged by the Marion County Democratic Executive Committee to raise funds, "is one that should attract all the good Democrats of West Virginia," Humphrey's spokesman said.

Chilton A. Campbell, Marion County Democratic chairman, said a crowd of more than 300 is anticipated at the dinner and that arrangements are being made to broadcast Sen. Humphrey's first Northern West Virginia speech over a radio network.

He said that arrangements for the dinner were made before Humphrey announced he would be a candidate for President and that his participation was arranged through the Democratic National Committee. Funds will be used for general election, not primary, purposes, the chairman said.

Mrs. Humphrey will pave the way for her husband's appearance by visiting Fairmont this afternoon. Following a 12:15 p.m. press conference in the Fairmont Hotel, she will visit department stores and greet voters in the downtown area.

A reception will be held in the hotel's Crystal Room between 2 and 3:30 p.m., during which Mrs. Humphrey will greet the public. Women voters are especially invited. She will go from here to Morgantown after coming from Clarksburg as a part of a three-day campaign tour in this section.

Foley said at Clarksburg headquarters he is pleased that Humphrey is coming to this end of the state. His previous campaign tours have been largely confined to Southern West Virginia.

The former professor of law at St. Mary's College in Minnesota said "there has been a steadily increasing number of inquiries as to when Sen. Humphrey will speak in this region. I am delighted to report that a major address will be delivered in Marion County and will be broadcast over a wide area so that West Virginians interested in the current problems of this state, the nation and the world will have an opportunity to hear the senator discuss these issues in his own words."

Foley, who is on leave as legislative counsel to the Senate Small Business Committee, indicated that his views differed greatly from those reported recently in various nationwide publications.

"The people of West Virginia," he said, "are showing keen awareness of and interest in the questions that face the country. Anyone claiming that West Virginians are politically naive has certainly not been meeting the same peo[p]le that I have.["]

Although the dinner here will be Humphrey's first recent personal visit to this end of the state, it will not be his last. It is reported that the Minnesota law-maker will return in an intensive campaign trip either later in April or during the first week of May.

Tickets for the dinner are available through the Democratic County Executive Committee.

Humphrey's visit will follow by exactly a week an appearance here of his Democratic primary opponent, Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts. Kennedy spoke here Monday.

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