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April 20, 1960

Bob Kennedy Makes Brief Local Visit

Members of the Logan County Kennedy for President Club yesterday received a surprise visit from Bob Kennedy, brother of Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts, Democratic presidential aspirant.

The younger Kennedy made a brief stop in Logan en route from Bluefield to Williamson where he was to make an appearance last night and speak on behalf of his brother who is currently touring the northern section of the state.

Young Kennedy was accompanied on his trip here by William Battle of Charlottesville, Va., a son of a former governor of Virginia. Battle and Sen. Kennedy served together in the South Pacific with the U. S. Navy during World War II.

Young Kennedy and Battle made the unscheduled stop in Logan to visit with L. S. (Pop) Spencer, manager of the local bus terminal, and members of the Kennedy for President Club.

Kennedy spoke briefly over a local radio station answering questions regarding the highly publicized religious issue which has drawn national attention to the forthcoming West Virginia presidential primary.

Sen. Kennedy will make a personal appearance in Logan on Monday, April 23, and is scheduled to speak at 7:30 p. m. at the courthouse.

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