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Richwood News Leader
April 20, 1960

Humphrey Will Fish and Eat Ramps Here

April 30 - Fishing Day on your calendar - won't necessarily be limited to trout. Suckers will dential candidates [sic] entered in the West Virginia primary, will be on hand.

Senator Hubert Humphrey's be sought [sic] as well because one, and maybe two, of the Presi-office [sic] called Jim Comstock Monday night to tell him that the Senator would come to Richwood in answer to Comstock's and Bronson McClungs's invitation to the Annual Ramp Festival which the pair's second newspaper, the all-West Virginia Hillbilly has revised and will observe on April 30.

The Humphrey spokesman said that the Senator would arrive in Richwood at nine o'clock that day and that he wanted to go fishing. The News Leader immediately contacted two Democrats who are known in the angling work - Ex-Mayor Jim Barber and Duke Lawson - and the two said they would be very happy to take the Senator in tow. They propose to whisk him off to Summit Lake immediately upon his arrival. It is their job to furnish the Senator with tackle and bait, as the kind of fishing he has been doing up to now has been of a different variety.

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