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April 21, 1960

Humphrey Pleases The 400

U. S. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey - the one Democratic candidate for president, who never inherited and has not acquired a silver spoon - and who must be accounted a man of the people - made a big, personal hit with some 400 people of Boone County and visitors at the Humphrey dinner at the Veterans Memorial Building Saturday night, April 9th.

Many interesting sidelights on the homey, friendly meeting could be mentioned. First, the women of the Madison Federated Club and the Junior Woman's Club who did a wonderful job of cooking and serving. Second, as time goes on, we will wish again and again that the walls of the Memorial Hall could be pushed out. The actual plates served to a capacity crowd were 261 - with others wanting tickets. Some 140 others came and heard Sen. Humphrey, introduced by his colleague in the U. S. Senate, Robert C. Byrd. Third, as a report of the National magazine, "The Time" was present with Roosevelt, so were there important news men at the Humphrey dinner: W. H. Lawrence, national correspondent of the New York Times; Ben Bradlee of Newsweek; Herb Little of Associate Press; and Harry Flesher of the Herald Dispatch - who was kind enough to get this list of names for this editor. Fourth, Rob Lee Harmon, one-time pupil of this editor when his father's family lived at Danville, was present as Humphrey's publicity manager in the state. Fifth, Judge K. K. Hall was master of ceremonies and attracted the personal interest of the New York Times news representative. Sixth, among the various state candidates introduced was the former head of the state police, W. E. Burchett, candidate for Secretary of State, whom this editor has decided to support. Seventh, Mrs. Violet Snedegar, Democratic National Committeewoman from West Virginia and an advisor to Democratic National Chairman Paul Butler was among those introduced by Judge Hall. Eighth, Board candidates were not introduced. However, I noted two Sherman District candidates for the Board there; John Zack Karantonis of Whitesville, and Verner R. "Creepy" McNeely of Prenter. Mrs. McNeely was with her husband. They sat at my right near the PRESS group. Incidentally, I have learned, Mrs. McNeely's maiden name was Jones, so I have to feel kindly disposed toward him even if he should be one of the two who edge this editor out of election to the Board.

Sen. Byrd, in his introduction paid Sen. Humphrey high tribute and emphasized the importance of the coming Primary in West Virginia as the trend in the presidential race may be decided at the polls in West Virginia May 10th.

Sen. Humphrey dwelt on the neglect of West Virginia in the face of the state's very evident distress and unemployment. Said the Senator "Don't tell me that a nation that has the brains to split the atom and put satellites in orbit can't provide the necessary coal research to underwrite a new era of prosperity and employment in the coal fields.

"No, my friends, the plight of West Virginia is not something to be shrugged away and forgotten. But you must do something about it too by helping to elect to the presidency a friend of West Virginia and her people.

"West Virginia is a victim of political paralysis in Washington.

"A federal law of 1946 affirms that states with depressed economy shall have priority in awards of defense contracts. Only they do not have as West Virginia is right at the bottom in defense awards.

"If Washington can help Brazil and Afghanistan, then it ought to be in order to do something for the unemployed and the depleted industry of this state.

"Washington is now engaged in paying $1,000,000 daily as rent on storage space for surplus foods, but can't divert sufficient food to feed the unemploy[e]d and hungry of the land.

"Since 1953 15 million man years of labor have been lost in this county - a loss of $45,000,000,000 in wages at $3,000 a year per person.

"Let us change all this - with a new, vigorous aggressive administration."

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