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Wheeling Intelligencer
April 21, 1960

Humphrey Is Ready For W.Va. Debate

Senator Willing to Fit Schedule To Argue Issues With Kennedy; Will Open Headquarters in City

By James Brennan

Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey is willing to fit his schedule to Sen. John F. Kennedy's in order to debate with Kennedy anywhere in West Virginia, a Humphrey spokesman said last night in Wheeling. Eugene P. Foley, a campaign coordinator for Humphrey in northern West Virginia issued the statement in announcing that Humphrey-for-president headquarters will be in the Windsor Hotel.

Humphrey is expected to be in Wheeling during the first week of May in his campaign for the May 10 primary in West Virginia.

Humphrey is willing to change his schedule for the debate providing that he can get out of any firm commitments made on the date Kennedy may choose, Foley said.

Kennedy of Massachusetts and Humphrey of Minnesota are both vying for the Democratic nomination for president.

The Massachusetts senator in Wheeling Tuesday said that he accepted a challenge by Humphrey to meet in a debate on issues involved in the campaign.

Backers of Kennedy yesterday proposed a 30-minute TV-radio hookup for his political debate with Humphrey.

Matt Reese, executive secretary of the West Virginias for Kennedy, telegraphed Robert Barrie, executive director for the Humphrey for president committee, urging that arrangements be made so that the largest possible number of West Virginians could hear the debate.

"We, therefore, wish to arrange 30 minutes time with the co-operation of radio and television stations for this purpose" Reese said, "The time and date will be mutually satisfactory. We could be agreeable to a moderator acceptable to both sides.

Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota will be in Wheeling Monday to speak in behalf of Humphrey, according to Foley, who said that Mrs. Humphrey and other speakers will also appear here.

Foley, a native of Minnesota, is on leave as legal counsel for the Senate Small Business Committee. He said that more complete details on future speakers for Humphrey and campaign representatives of the Minnesota senator in the Northern Panhandle will be available within a few days.

In the meantime, Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy will campaign for his brother today in New Martinsville and Sistersville.

The young Kennedy is scheduled to arrive in Sistersville at 11:30 a.m. and conduct a handshaking tour of the Tyler County community. After lunch with Mayor William F. Thaw, of Sistersville, Kennedy will head for New Martinsville.

Kennedy will visit factories in the New Martinsville area this afternoon and in the evening he will receive guests at the Grandview Hotel.

A small dinner in the Court Restaurant is scheduled at 6:30 p.m. for Kennedy followed by a speech at the Wetzel County courthouse. He is to leave New Martinsville around noon tomorrow.

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