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Buckhannon Record
April 22, 1960

Humphrey Plans Stop Here Monday

Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey, Democratic candidate for President of the United States, will be in Buckhannon Monday afternoon and will speak from the steps of the court house at 1:40 o'clock.

The stop in Buckhannon will be part of Humphrey's campaign to capture delegate votes for the national nominating convention this summer.

Both Humphrey and Senator John F. Kennedy have been campaigning in West Virginia in the hope of gaining delegate strength from the May 10 state primary.

Senator Humphrey and his party will eat lunch at Green's Restaurant at 1 o'clock and will speak at 1:40 o'clock. The campaign party will go on to Philippi at 2:30 this same afternoon.

The itinerary for the day has the senator leaving Charleston at 6 A. M. with stops scheduled in Summersville and Webster Springs before arriving in Buckhannon.

Mrs. Humphrey was in Buckhannon Monday for about an hour. She and a group of supporters met interested voters in a trailer parked in front of the court house.

Directing the Humphrey campaign in West Virginia is Forrest Talbott, a native of Fairmont, and presently on a three-week leave from his position as assistant secretary of state of Minnesota.

He lived in Fairmont for 22 years and graduated from Fairmont State College in 1938. After that Talbott taught school at Weirton for four years before moving to the mid-West.

Talbott earned a master's degree from the University of Minnesota and his thesis was a history of Negro rights in West Virginia from 1861-1872.

A number of his relatives are still living in West Virginia. His father, D. Fred Talbott, resides in Fairmont, and was with Talbott last Monday when he visited in Buckhannon. A sister lives in Fairmont and a brother, Martin E. Talbott, resides at Charleston. His wife, Mrs. Dottie Talbott, has been educational director at the Christ Methodist Church in Charleston for some time.

Richard Cottrill Talbott, a great, great, great grandfather, was among the first settlers of Philippi.

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