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April 22, 1960

Kennedy Here Soon, Humphrey Due Later

Wayne will serve as vote-hunting ground for not one but two candidates for the Democratic nomination for president.

U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy will be in Wayne next Monday morning. It was originally announced that Kennedy would visit Wayne Wednesday of this week, but the official schedule of the senator issued this week by his state headquarters at Charleston showed that the visit to Wayne would take place next Monday.

Kennedy's timetable calls for him to spend 50 minutes in Wayne, from 10:50 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. He is expected to make a brief talk in the court house square and then spend some time greeting voters. From Wayne he will proceed to Williamson and Logan.

U. S. Senator Hubert Humphrey, who like Kennedy will appear on the West Virginia ballot for president at the May 10 primary, will visit Wayne Friday, May 6, according to his Washington headquarters. His stop in Wayne will be made as part of a bus tour from Huntington to Pineville. After leaving Wayne he is scheduled to stop at Ferguson, Kermit, Williamson, Gilbert, Ia[e]ger and Welch, before arriving at Pineville.

Both Kennedy and Humphrey are conducting vigorous campaigns in West Virginia and have brought in reinforcements to step up their vote drives.

Hitting the campaign trail for Humphrey this week was a group composed of Lt. Governor Karl Rolvaag of Minnesota; Marshall G. West, co-chairman of the Humphrey for President organization in West Virginia, and Joe Glazer, noted folk singer. They left Charleston Wednesday for a swing through southern West Virginia.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. has been campaigning in the state for several days in behalf of Kennedy.

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