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Williamson Daily News
April 22, 1960

Sen. Kennedy To Campaign Here Monday

Sen. John F. Kennedy will bring his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President to Williamson on Monday and plans already are under way to stage a big rally in behalf of the United States Senator from Massachusetts.

The Senator's appearance here Monday is the result of a change in plans as Senator Kennedy originally had scheduled a visit to Williamson for Saturday, April 30.

Highlighting the senator's stay in Williamson and Mingo County will be his talk which ahs been scheduled for the Court House plaza at 3 p.m. A platform will be erected and loudspeakers will be installed to carry the Senator's words to his listeners.

Senator Kennedy will come to Williamson from Wayne where he is scheduled to spend the morning hours. The present itinerary calls for the Senator to spend virtually the entire afternoon in Williamson and Mingo County before leaving for Logan where a reception will be held Monday night.

While West Virginia's preferential primary on Tuesday, May 10 has no binding effect on the delegates chosen for the Democratic National Convention, both Senator Kennedy and Sen. Hubert Humphrey have been waging an intensive personal campaign in the current Primary Election campaign. Each candidate has or will have visited virtually every area of the State before the Primary.

In a statement release from his West Virginia headquarters, Senator Kennedy said:

"My travels through West Virginia have convinced me that this is serving a valuable purpose. No matter what the outcome, the attention of Congress, the Administration and the country has been focused upon the need for vigorous action to help West Virginia and other states with acute economic problems."

"The skilled, strong and willing labor force should and must be used to its fullest capacity. West Virginia's resources must be fully developed. Her economic potential must be fully realized."

"The primary places in issue the neglect of the stats with chronic unemployment. It calls attention to the failure of the past eight years. I am confident the result will be beneficial not only to West Virginia but the entire nation."

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