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Charleston Gazette
April 23, 1960

Hubert's Big Guns To Bark

Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D-Minn) was absent from the West Virginia political scene this week while his presidential primary opponent was on tour. But Humphrey headquarters here said Friday sympathetic politicians are and will be working in the state for him.

Rep. Charles Porter (D-Ore) will attend a mock convention at West Virginia University (Morgantown) next Wednesday to campaign for Humphrey.

Philleo Nash, Wisconsin's lieutenant governor, will spend a week in West Virginia starting Sunday. A four-day speaking tour beginning May 1 awaits Eugenie Anderson, ambassador to Denmark during the Truman Administration.

Sen. Humphrey's sister, Mrs. Frances Howard, will come to West Virginia during the weekend to help re-enforce his campaign.

Gov. Orville Freeman of Minnesota will appear in the Mountain State April 29 and 30 at Charleston and Huntington, respectively; Sen. Eugene McCarthy (D-Minn) will address a rally in Huntington Sunday and in Wheeling Monday, and Rep. Joseph Karth (D-Minn) will appear at a dinner meeting of Charleston's 1st Ward Democrats Saturday night.

Already in West Virginia on behalf of Humphrey are Lt. Gov. Karl Rolvaag of Minnesota and folk song singer Joe Glazer.

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