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Fayette Tribune
April 25, 1960

Sen. Humphrey To Speak At Fayetteville Saturday

Fayette county certainly has become the battleground for the presidential fight between Senator Hubert H. Humphrey and Senator John F. Kennedy.

It was learned today that Senator Humphrey will be back to Fayette county this Saturday. He will speak at a Democratic rally, scheduled for the Fayette courthouse at Fayetteville at 8 p.m.

Mrs. Hubert Humphrey will accompany the Democratic presidential aspirant on his return trip to Fayette county. It was during his first visit that Senator Humphrey attracted wide-spread attention in the county, and shot into the lead in a poll, taken by the Tribune.

After Senator Humphrey makes his talk, he will answer question in an open forum which will be held immediately following his address.

Hubert Humphrey Maintains Lead Over John Kennedy in County Poll

Senator Hubert H. Humphrey (D-Minn.) appears to hold the edge over Senator John F. Kennedy (D-Mass.) as the Democratic presidential pick in Fayette county.

Although Humphrey holds a commanding lead, Kennedy has been gaining ground each day. Kennedy's popularity rubbed off on students at Collins high, Oak Hill, and Montgomery high, and it might appear that the youngsters might have quite an influence on their mothers and fathers.

Public opinion changes as fast as the weather, but no one can dispute the statistical results of a Tribune poll which now shows Humphrey as a definite winner in Fayette county. What the thinking is in other counties, our local pollsters have no idea.

Bill Lawrence of the New York Times telephoned the Montgomery Herald and the Fayette Tribune Friday and wanted to know how the two respective editors thought the race was going. He was told that "we thought Fayette county was in Humphrey's camp today."

In the tabulation, which has been been taken in recent days, Humphrey registered 85, Kennedy 57, and 81 are undecided. Thirty-six of the undecided votes, however, came on the Thurmond exchange.

By telephone it was found that Humphrey's greatest strength appears to be in Layland, Lookout, Winona, Price and Thurmond areas. Results of the tabulation there: Humphrey 12, Kennedy 2, and undecided 36. National pollsters have found about the same results in this area.

A sample of public opinion at Montgomery, Cannelton, Smithers Powellton, and Kimberly shows Humphrey 13, Kennedy 9, and 16 undecided.

In a previous poll Kennedy led Humphrey in the Gauley Bridge area. However in the telephone survey of late, Humphrey had 9 Kennedy pulled only three, and 10 were undecided.

In Fayetteville district a small sampling of public opinion on the telephone recently showed these results: Humphrey 6, Kennedy 4, and 7 were undecided.

A poll was taken several months ago, before Humphrey or Kennedy had entered the W. Va. Primary race, and Kennedy was a big favorite over all opponents. However, immediately after Senator Humphrey's visit to the county, Humphrey polled 54 percent to Kennedy's 46 percents.

In Oak Hill alone Humphrey ran 8 to 1 ahead of Kennedy. In outlying coal camps Humphrey was 4 to 1 over Kennedy.

But in our most recent polling, after Kennedy's visit to Oak Hill, the trend is moving in Kennedy's direction.

Perhaps, the best cross section of area was found last Thursday with these results: Humphrey 30, Kennedy 27, and 10 undecided.

People were more certain of their selections on Friday as 16 favored Humphrey, 12 picked Kennedy and two were undecided.

It would appear from the recent sampling of opinion that Kennedy is gaining in Fayette county, and, if he can continue to gain and hold his own in counties similar to Fayette, he might emerge as the state's victor, and be well on his way to the presidency of the United States.

But being objective the Tribune believes that Hubert Humphrey would defeat John Kennedy in Fayette county if the election were held today.

If Wayne Morse should defeat Humphrey in Washington D.C. just prior to the W. Va. Primary, the political bigwigs are wondering what effect that would have on the state's electorate. Humphrey would move into the state with two defeats, and that would hurt him.

But Jack Kennedy Wins Another Poll

And Collins Students Really Want To Go To Convention With Kennedy!

Oak Hill area students don't vote, but they certainly do influence mom and dad. Or do they?

This notation was received at the Tribune office:

"As a result of the recent visit made by Senator John F. Kennedy to Collins high school, we took it upon ourselves to conduct a poll. The poll was made in Miss Flossie Hughart's senior American Government classes."

The results of the poll are as follows:

John Kennedy, 88
Adlai Stevenson, 21
Richard Nixon, 19
Hubert Humphrey, 5
Lyndon Johnson, 1
Stuart Symington, 1

This being a total of 135 votes taken.

Polls takers from each class were Eric Bozo, Mickey Learmonth, Walter Coleman, Amy Clemous and Jerry Williams.

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