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Moundsville Daily Echo
April 25, 1960

Mrs. Humphrey Here Wednesday

Mrs. Hubert Humphrey will be honored at a tea and reception here at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening. She is the wife of the candidate for Democratic nomination for president.

It will probably be held in the American Legion hall on Third street. If not, place will be announced in Tuesday's Echo.

Mrs. Humphrey is originally from Huron, S. D., as is her husband. She was married to Mr. Humphrey, who was a druggist in his father's drugstore, in 1936. Both continued their education together.

When he graduated, there was a daughter, and three boys later arrived.

He served two terms in Minneapolis as mayor, with his wife accompanying him to aid with his campaigning. First time she campaigned alone was in the recent Wisconsin primary. "She really loves to campaign for her husband," it was stated. She is becoming a national figure herself, "likes meeting people and people like to meet her.["]

She is a homemaker and "loves to talk about her children and husband."

They reside in Chevy Chase, Md., where she keeps house and garden. She has a mongrel dog, and they adopted a cat that wandered in. They also have a home at Lake Waverly, Minn.

Humphrey's Man Here

Eugene Foley is an interesting personality, who is here managing Senator Humphrey's campaign in northern W. Va.

He is a Minnesotan who graduated from St. Thomas college there, studied law at that state's university, and studied political science and geopolitics at the University of Vienna, Austira [sic].

He is legal counsel for the Senate Small Business committee, on leave of absence for this job.

He spoke Friday night at Adaline Farm Women's club, saying it is regrettable that certain columnists are steering the campaign to the "side issues".

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