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Mineral Daily News Tribune
April 26, 1960

Humphrey Speaks To Local Residents

Delayed Arrival Results In Many Missing His Talk

Senator Speaks Earlier Today To Crowds Gathered in Kingwood, Terra Alta

The self-styled "people's candidate" for president, Sen. Hubert Humphrey, came to Keyser this afternoon on his swing of the Eastern Panhandle in quest of more votes in the May 10 Democratic primary.

A comparatively small crowd was on hand to greet the Senator as he arrived late after a busy morning of hand-shaking in the Preston County area, where he continued his campaign in opposition to Sen. John F. Kennedy.

Many business men, professional people, college and high school students who had arranged their lunch hours in order to hear the Senator's address were forced to leave the Court House grounds before his arrival. He was due at 12:15 but did not arrive until nearly 2 PM.

The first stop today after an overnight stay at Fairmont was at Kingwood, where they claim their buckwheat and maple syrup beats anything Vermont has to offer. The diplomatic Humphrey complimented the Preston Countians on their fine breakfast products but didn't want to take sides.

In a speech from the Court House steps, Humphrey concentrated on advocating better care for the aged and said "the wonderful tool of social insurance" would protect older people against hospital and nursing home costs.

On Monday he needled Kennedy several times, picturing himself as being "neither rich nor in with party bosses but delighted to be the people's candidate."

In a speech Monday at Philippi, Humphrey indirectly accused Kennedy of trying to put himself over with an expensive publicity program.

"We do not need an overdose of public relations." Humphrey said, "We need leadership."

Speaking at a $10-a-plate fund-raising dinner at Fairmont Monday night, Humphrey said the Eisenhower administration "stands for waste and neglect." He calls it a "national scandal."

Humphrey said he favors including U. S. 19, running north and south through West Virginia in the Interstate System.

He also called for more federal attention to developing further uses of coal. Most of West Virginias 65,000 unemployed are ex-miners.

On the campaign bus, Humphrey told newsmen that Kennedy "is lining up all the political bosses" in West Virginia for a "stop-Humphrey" movement. At the same time, he again denied receiving any financial backing from so-called stop-Kennedy forces.

Although admitting that his campaign fund is mighty short in West Virginia, Humphrey said he resents inferences that "the only people for Humphrey are those that are poor."

"I am your candidate. I'm not above you, I'm with you," he said. "I'm not running on the basis of church, nationality or anything else."

He also said he realizes he must beat Kennedy in West Virginia "if I'm going to do anything afterward." He said he thinks he understands West Virginia's problems "and have their needs in my heart more than Jack."

Humphrey returns to Washington late today via Romney but will be back in West Virginia later in the week.

Robert Kennedy Will Attend Demo Rally Here

Robert F. Kennedy, who recently compiled an impressive record as Chief Counsel for the Senate Rackets Committee, has confirmed he will be present for the Democratic Rally here on Friday evening.

Kennedy has indicated he would like to meet as many Democrats as possible on the steps of the Court House prior to going to the dinner-meeting scheduled at the Moose Home at 6 o'clock (DST), at which time he wil[l] speak in behalf of his brother, Sen. John F. Kennedy, who is seeking the presidential nomination.

Keynoted speaker for the occasion is John F. McCormick, House Majority Leader. Other local and state candidates will also be introduced during the program.

Kennedy will fly from Bloomington, Ind., landing at Moorefield about 12 noon. From there he goes to Romney and will arrive in Keyser later in the afternoon.

A native of Boston, the 35-year-old Kennedy received his education from the Milton Academy, Harvard University, and the University of Virginia Law School. He was admitted to the Massachusetts State Bar in 1951 and admitted to practice before the U. S. Supreme Court in 1955.

From 1951-52 he was an attorney with the Criminal Division, Department of Justice and in 1952 served as campaign manager for his brother, Congressman John F. Kennedy, who was successful in being elected to the U. S. Senate.

In 1953 he was Assistant Counsel for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations and in 1957 was Chief Counsel for the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field.

Bob Kennedy, who is married and the father of seven children, is a member of the U. S. Naval Reserve having served as seaman aboard the Destroyer "Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr."

He served as a correspondent in 1948 covering the war in Palestine for the Boston Post, traveled around the world in 1951, and in 1955 traveled in central Asia and Republics of the Soviet Union with Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas. He is the author of the book, "The Enemy Within," recently published by Harper & Brothers.

He holds honorary degrees from Assumption College, Worcester, Mass., Mt. St. Mary's College, Emmittsburg, Md., and Tufts University, Medfor, Mass.

He has been selected as one of the 10 outstanding young men in the U. S. by the U. S. Junio Chamber of Commerce, Outstanding Investigator of 1957 by the Society of Professional Investigators, Inc.; received the Patriotism Award from the senior class of Notre Dame in 1958 and the Lantern Award from the Massachusetts State Council, K. of C. in 1958.

Tickets for the Rally are now on sale by various members of the Democratic Executive Committee and the Democratic Women's Club.

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