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Moundsville Daily Echo
April 26, 1960

"Ted" Kennedy Toured Here Yesterday

Edward Kennedy greeted a lot of people in this county yesterday and in addition got a local organization set up to do a lot of telephoning, in a whirlwind visit.

Squired around by two mayors, Victor Mojzer of McMechen and Henry Musilli of Benwood, he went where people would be. He was inside Marx Toy factory from 11 to 1 o'clock; was inside the B&O roundhouse in Benwood where he made a speech (another mayor was in on that, since the mayor of Bellaire works there); had lunch at Henry Musilli's home; thence to greet people at the gates of Conduit and Solvay.

In the evening, he was at a meeting of Kennedy workers at the court house; then dropped in at the music festival, where he spoke in a brief greeting; then there were other visits around the valley.

When the Echo asked him how things are going, he replied: "We realize that we are in the battle of our lives here."

Told that some West Virginians aren't happy about the way the Kennedy-Humphrey argument has made West Virginia look before the nation just like the Saturday Evening Post said it is, he replied that sometimes it takes a lot of publicity to get remedial action.

At the court house, the organization which is headed by Mayor Mojzer set up a telephone organization headed by Mrs. Patrello. Every Democrat in the county is to receive a telephone call from them, mentioning Kennedy's name.

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