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Clarksburg Exponent
April 27, 1960

Morgantown Visit Is Set

Lieutenant Governor Karl Rolvaag of Minnesota Tuesday toured six counties in North Central West Virginia on behalf of Senator Hubert Humphrey's Presidential campaign.

In a day-long whirlwind swing through the northern part of the state, Rolvaag visited Barbour, Randolph, Tucker, Preston, Taylor and Harrison counties.

Rolvaag commented that he was "enthusiastic over the response of West Virginians to the basic important issues of the campaign."

Primary among the issues that have people talking in this area, Rolvaag reported, is the question of taxes. "Citing the Humphrey-Kennedy record on taxes," Rolvaag commented, "has set the folks I have met to talking seriously about who better represented their interests while serving in the Senate."

Rolvaag's schedule for today send him into Morgantown in Monongalia county on behalf of Senator Humphrey.

The Lieutenant Governor of Humphrey's home state will tour factories, lunch with Kiwanians and speak with representatives of the press during his stay.

"I am delighted," the Minnesota Lt. Governor and World War II hero remarked, "that the issues are finally beginning to take hold here in West Virginia. While in many respects Senators Humphrey and Kennedy have similar records, there are, nonetheless important differences on significant issues that provide the folks in West Virginia with a clear choice."

Crowd Hears Sen. Humphrey

Philippi - A large crown [sic] was on hand Monday afternoon to greet United States Senator, Hubert H. Humphrey, Minneapolis, Minn., Democrat Presidential nominee in the coming May election. Senator Humphrey, who enjoys his entries in politics, expressed his belief that the American people should have the chance to see and know the ideals for which the candidates stand, and hear their background and qualifications.

Accompanied by several of his campaign management group, the Humphrey caravan arrived in front of the Court House shortly after three o'clock which permitted many college students, teachers and high school teachers to see and hear who might become the next President of the United States. He directed his first statements to and showed interest in the attendance of the local college students, after he acknowledge meeting Mrs. Lucy O'Neel, one of the outstanding citizens over a long period of time who is formerly a Democrat Committee Woman from Philippi District.

After presenting his ideas of Free Enterprise, Farm Equality, Public Welfare, Peace and Cecurity [sic], he stressed his desires to serve the people with consideration on West Virginia problems and American problems, Era Redevelopment and Reorganization.

Senator Humphrey was introduced by a local Attorney, William T. George, Jr. and arrangements for the Monday afternoon Rally were made by Leon Bowen, of Myers Clinic, who is campaign chairman for the Humphrey For President Program.

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