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Grafton Sentinel
April 27, 1960

Democrat Dinner Set For Tonight

Lt. Gov. Karl Rolvaag of Minnesota, who is touring the state on behalf of Senator Humphrey, and Steven Narick, candidate for nomination as congressman from the First District, will be listed among the speakers at a dinner tonight at 6:30 in the Andrews Methodist Church, sponsored by the Taylor County Democratic Woman's Club.

Robert Kennedy, brother of Sen. John Kennedy, had earlier been announced as a speaker for the occasion, but prior committments [sic] forced him to curtail his visit in Grafton to today's early afternoon hours. While here he is scheduled to visit the local railroad shops, and spend some time in the downtown area chatting informally with local people. Another Kennedy booster, possibly the youngest brother, Ted, rumored to be in the Wheeling area, may be drafted to supplant his brother at tonight's dinner.

Mrs. Maxine Peters, president of the Democratic organization said replies of acceptance to attend tonight's gathering have been received from candidates on all levels of political office and it is hoped that Taylor County Democrats will be out in full force to greet them.

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