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Huntington Advertiser
April 27, 1960

Humphrey's Stop Here To Be Brief

By Hugh Maxwell

Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D-Minn), candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, will make only a brief stopover in Huntington Friday and time may not permit his touring the International Nickel Co.'s plant, his state headquarters at Charleston announced today.

Sen. Humphrey will arrive here in his campaign bus at 12:20 p. m. Friday instead of 11:30 a. m. as previously announced. He will leave at 2 p. m. for a tour of southern West Virginia towns, among them several in the depressed coal belt.

Meanwhile, the state headquarters of Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass), opponent of Sen. Humphrey in the presidential preference in West Virginia May 10 will not come to Huntington again, unless special circumstances arise. Kennedy, regarded now as the possible frontrunner in the presidential preference race, already has visited Huntington three times to Humphrey's two.

Senator Humphrey, upon his arrival in Huntington Friday, will go direct to his Cabell county and Huntington headquarters at 1025 Third avenue.

Brief Reception

The senator will be honored at a brief public reception at the headquarters. There will be a private luncheon for him, his local staff and supporters, at headquarters at 1 p. m. If time permits, the senator will make a quick visit to the Inco plant. He is scheduled to leave Huntington at 2 p. m.

From Huntington, Sen. Humphrey will go to Hamlin, where he is scheduled to arrive at 3 p. m. The next stop will be at Chapmanville, 4:30 p.m. and then Logan, 5 p. m. At each stopover, Sen. Humphrey will tour the business district, greeting and shaking hands with citizens. At Logan he will address a public meeting at the Logan county court house.

From Logan the senator's bus, bearing a sign "Here Comes Humphrey," will carry the campaign party to Beckley, where the senator and his associates will remain overnight.

The next morning they will go to Richwood, where the senator will speak at the Fishing Festival and meet citizens.

Plans for the tour beyond Richwood are still in the making.

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