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Morgantown Dominion News
April 27, 1960

Mock Dem Convention Today on WVU Campus

If West Virginia University campus seems to be buzzing extra loud and long today at Mountainlair:Student Center:just remember that today is the day of the institution's first mock National Democratic Convention in history.

The conventioneers:students:will be balloting on the four current Democratic presidential hopefuls: Kennedy, Johnson, Symington and Humphrey.

Five nationally prominent men will be speakers, with H. Graham Morison, former assistant attorney general under Truman, as the keynote speaker.

Speaking on behalf of the nominees will be Robert Kennedy, brother of Senator John F. Kennedy; Stuart Symington Jr., for Senator Stuart Symington; Congressman Charles O. Porter of Oregon, for Hubert Humphrey; and Congressman Jim Wright of Texas, for Senator Lyndon Johnson

Professor of Law Londo H. Brown is adviser for the WVU Young Democrats, sponsor of the convention which has [was] administration sanctioned and John R. Mitchell of Peterstown, senior in the College of Law, is student coordinator for the convention, assisted by 15 standing committees.

The entire student body may participate in the convention, regardless of party affiliation or preference. Each of 50 campus organizations:each given the name of a State:is sending its full compliment of delegates to the convention.

The convention is primarily a workshop in political science.

Today's convention schedule follows:

The schedule for the convention next Wednesday follows:

12:30 p.m.:Caucuses and general open house in each campaign headquarters in Mountainlair.
1:30 p.m.:Keynote address.
2-5 p.m.:Nominations for President of the United States.
6:45 p.m.:Calling to order of Evening Session.
7:00 p.m.:Campaign speeches by the representatives of the various nominees.
8:30 p.m.:Balloting by roll call of the states.

The balloting will continue until a winner is declared.

Each of the convention nominees has selected two student campaign managers on the WVU campus. They are:

Kennedy:Richard Cardot of Flemington and Gene Campbell of Harrisonville.

Symington:J. C. Cruikshank Jr. of Ivydale and Bill Arthur of Fairchance.

Johnson:Ed Fleshman of Charlottesville, Va., and Gene S[i]mmons of Renick

Humphrey:Boone Sommerville and Bill Tolbott, both of Webster Springs.

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