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Richwood News Leader
April 27, 1960

Hump and FDR, Jr. Here Sat.

Note: Richwood is looking forward to its biggest day in years Saturday. In addition to Fishing Day, there will be other things.

Humphrey is coming to Richwood Saturday to fish at the lake and to eat ramps.

Kennedy isn't coming, but the next best thing is. That's Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., who has been stumping the state for the candidate.

Both Mr. Humphrey and Mr. Roosevelt will arrive in Richwood at about the same time, but not together. The time of arrival will be around nine in the morning. Both parties- and Humphrey's will number around 25, counting newspapermen and his own bevy of beauties - will pause on Main Street, where they will be met by party enthusiasts who will take them to Summit Lake where it is alleged they will fish for fish.

At eleven o'clock they will come to the Richwood Grade School for a ramp finder, which is being sponsored by the paper Hillbilly, a new paper beamed at general state circulation and which is published by the New Leader staff in Richwood.

The price of the meal is $3 for Hillbilly readers and their guest. Non-subscribers will be admitted for $5. Richwood people taking care of the visiting dignitaries will be admitted at $3 a person. Out of town guest may include members of their family at $1.

This dinner is a proving ground to see if a state-wide ramp feed can be held in Richwood annually. It is hoped that townspeople will cooperate and see that visitors are made welcome as such an affair would be boundless in its appeal to tourists down the years. The sponsoring body, the publication of Jim Comstock and Bronson McClung, ask Richwood to play good host to the "Hillbilly" visitors and make them want to come back.

The general public is invited to meet the candidates at 2:00 in the afternoon. The place will be announced during the day. In addition to Messers Roosevelt and Humphrey, other candidates on state and local level will be present. A coalition chairman will be on hands to make introductions.

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