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The Wheeling Intelligencer
April 27, 1960

Mrs. Humphrey Completely Sold On Hubby's Presidential Role

Enthusiastic Over Friendly Welcome in West Virginia; Will Tour Counties in Northern Panhandle Area Today

By Grace Joanou

Traveling on "energy alone.the Humphrey funds are getting low," Mrs. Hubert H. Humphrey arrived in Wheeling last night to aid her husband in his vital West Virginia fight. The wife of the Democratic senator form Minnesota will tour as far as New Cumberland this afternoon and round out her Northern Panhandle campaign at a reception this evening at the Moundsville American Legion Hall this evening. "Win or lose in West Virginia," said Mrs. Humphrey, "the senator is still commited [sic] in primaries in the District of Columbia on May 3, in Oregon on May 20, and in South Dakota on June 7."

Mrs. Muriel Humphrey already has visited many sections of the state and on several occasions has been accompanied by her sons Douglas, 12 and Robert, 16. In Morgantown and Fairmont, Doug made a big hit and became know[n] as the freckled face boy from Minnesota.

In several rural areas and cities of the state, Mrs. Humphrey actually met women on their own doorsteps by traveling in a stationwagon with a portable coffee urn.

"We've really received a warm and friendly welcome in this state," said Mrs. Humphrey. "both my husband and I enjoy campaigning because we actually get to meet the people and learn about their viewpoints. The people have been so nice that we feel as if we're right back in Minnesota.

"Campaigning can be very taxing, but Senator Humphrey seems to have an extra store of energy and bounce that brings him right back again the next day all ready to start again.

"Because I'm campaigning, people often thing [sic] I know more than I do about the senator's views. As a politician's wife, I have a fear that I will express a view that is entirely mine and not my husband's."

When asked about the religious question, Mrs. Humphrey answered,

"I don't feel that religion should have come into the picture in the first place. I thing [sic] the less said about it, the better and the less it would be an issue. The candidates should be judged on their qualifications and what they have to offer as President."

"Mrs. Humphrey is completely sold on her husband's venture and is enthusiastic in campaigning for him.

"We've selected the various primaries to test the cote of the people," said Mrs. Humphrey. "In West Virginia which has some Southern sentiment , we felt it would be a good test to see if Senator Humphrey's sincerity and effort on the Civil Rights issue would come through and be his real strength.

"The Wisconsin primary is already behind us and the South Dagota [sic] one is yet to come. In these primaries the mid-Western vote is tested."

Mrs. Humphrey hopes to accompany her husband when he appears in Wheeling on May 5, but the final decision will be made after considering the family situation at home in Washington D.C.

The Humphreys will be united in Charleston on Thursday of this week and will be together up until Sunday when they will return to Washington.

Today's schedule for Mrs. Humphrey is 10:30 a.m. reception in Wellsburg Eagle Hall; 11 a.m., visit Wellsburg Daily Herald; 12 noon, attend luncheon given by New Cumberland Democratic Women's Club at VFW Hall; 1:45 p.m. visit Weirton Daily News; 2:30 p.m., attend reception at Weirton Community Center; 3:45 p.m., visit Weirton Steel Mill with John A. Jones as escort; 8 p.m., reception in Moundsville American Legion Hall.

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