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Charleston Gazette
April 28, 1960

Sen. Kennedy Will Address Unitarians

Sen. John F. Kennedy is going to appear at a non-Catholic church here Saturday.

Kennedy headquarters in Charleston released a revised campaign schedule for Saturday, in which it pointed out that the Massachusetts Democrat is to speak at 7:15 p. m. in the Kanawha Valley Unitarian Fellowship house in North Charleston.

The Unitarians regard themselves mostly as Protestant, although they have no formal creeds and aren't accepted by national organizations of Protestant Churches.

Coincidentally, Sen. Hubert Humphrey also spoke at the tiny church earlier this month. The Fellowship has a membership of scarcely 100, yet is the only church in the area which has been addressed by both Presidential hopefuls in the West Virginia primary.

Also, coincidentally, Adlai Stevenson is a Unitarian.

The complete Saturday schedule, as released by the Kennedy headquarters, is as follows:

At 11:45 a. m., Slim Robertson's store at Eskdale, Cabin Creek; 1:15 p m. Marmet Coal Co. near Kroger store at Marmet; 2:45 p m., Kroger store in Kanawha City; 3:15 to 4 p m., visit J. C. Penney, Diamond, Stone and Thomas and Coyle and Richardson stores in downtown Charleston; 4:30, South Charleston mound; 5:15, Upton Creek; 7:15, Unitarian church; 7:50, Democratic rally at Dunbar City Hall; 8:30 p.m., Nitro-St. Albans rally at St. Albans Junior High School; 10:30, television broadcast.

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