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Coal Valley News
April 28, 1960

Kennedy Talks Here Saturday

Will Speak at Courthouse And Meet People

U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy will be at the courthouse in Madison at 10:30 a. m. Saturday, April 30 - when he will speak on the issues of the times and promote his candidacy. Senator Kennedy will meet and shake hands with and talk to people.

Roosevelt Speaks in Madison For Kennedy Second Time

Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. returned to Madison yesterday and spoke for Senator John Kennedy a second time here. He was introduced by James A. Manchin, a teacher of Fairmont and Parkersburg - who used to spend some time on Big Coal - introduced Mr. Roosevelt. Mr. Roosevelt's remarks, in part, were as follows:

"The Roosevelts came to this country in 1621 - to escape religious persecution - to the land of promise where men could enjoy the precious freedoms of expression, written and spoken, the right to worship according to the dictates of one's own conscience.

"This is not the first time a Roosevelt has supported a Catholic for president. My father supported Al Smith - placing his name in nomination at the convention.

"But religion has been a factor in other elections. Abraham Lincoln was attacked in the press and on the stump - accused of belonging to no church.

"Neither Eisenhower nor Wilson comprehend what has happened here in West Virginia. I wish I might take them by the hands and compel them to traverse these hills of West Virginia - to see firsthand what has happened to the families and homes of 100,000 unemployed.

"Jack Kennedy is a man of brilliance - who has demonstrated that he can make sacrifices in war and peace. He is dedicated to the cause of peace but unreservedly advocates the maintenance of the strength necessary to preserve that peace.

"Senator Kennedy is concerned with the welfare of people - and aggressively advocates the Democratic philosophy that - it is the responsibility of our country and its government to see that every man who wants to work shall have work under circumstances and at wages which assure his well-being.

"If West Virginia supports Senator Kennedy he will be nominated and go on to the Whitehouse [sic] in November. As such cannot be said for Sen. Humphrey."

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