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Elkins Inter-Mountain
April 28, 1960

Robert Kennedy in Elkins Today

Tells Why Primary Important

"West Virginians have the un-equalled [sic] opportunity to put the next President in the White House if they vote for Sen. John Kennedy," said the Presidential Candidate's younger brother, Robert F. Kennedy, who came to Elkins at noon today to drum up votes for his brother.

"The May 10th primary in W.Va. is the most important primary in the history of our country, for if Sen. Kennedy wins here, as even his opponent admits, he will receive the Democratic nomination" Kennedy told an Elkins audience.

"A vote for Hubert Humphrey is a vote wasted. He can't get the nomination after losing in Wisconsin under any circumstances," the brother of the presidential candidate said.

"Here in the May primary is a chance for a middle sized state to determine who might very well be the next President of the U.S. - Just think what it would mean for the President to know that it was W.Va. that sent him to the White House ... and he would know the problems and difficulties of W.Va."

Bob Kennedy believes that if Sen. Kennedy wins here, then the delegates of states who are now on the fence will swing their support to him.

Kennedy arrived in Elkins by private plane where he was greeted by a delegation of townspeople.

The West Virginia Highlanders enthusiastically greeted him with their nationally famous bagpipe band. He was welcomed to the city by Mayor Garland Hickman and gave a short talk before he shook hands and greeted those who had come to meet him.

After greeting townspeople the distinguished visitor was whisked away by the Randolph County Kennedy for President Committee to visit the Alleghany Lumber Co., the Kelly Foundry, the Preston Hardwood Co., and the Reidbord Brothers clothing manufacturers.

The famed attorney climaxed his tour of the Elkins area at the Evans Stockyard where he had lunch with the area's rural citizens and discussed the problems of agriculture and livestock - issues which he said are a vital concern of his brother, Senator John F. Kennedy.

Bob Kennedy is best known for his fearless and determined efforts as Chief Counsel for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations where he helped expose the unfair practices and racketeering which existed in the Teamsters Union headed by Jimmy Hoffa.

His background consists principally of a law degree from the university of Virginia, three honorary degrees in law, selections as "One of the Ten Outstanding Young Men in The United States" by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce, selection by the Society of Professional Investigators, Inc., as "Outstanding Investigator, 1957", and a tour in the U.S. Navy aboard the "Joseph P. Kennedy," a destroyer named after his brother who was killed on a voluntary mission in World War II.

"Bob" Kennedy is married and has seven children. He is the author of "The Enemy Within", a book currently on the Best Seller list.

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