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Morgan Messenger
April 28, 1960

Humphrey Flashes Through

Senator Hubert Humphrey arrived here about 5:00 Tuesday afternoon, he was scheduled for 3:00, and addressed approximately 100 people who had gathered in the square. Humphrey and company were traveling by chartered bus and were preceded by an automobile equipped with loud speakers, that announced his arrival time.

The Minnesota Senator said, "I am definitely the underdog in the presidential race and can only rely on the votes of good people like you to pull me through." He emphasized that he came up "the hard way" and mentioned his political accomplishments.

After the brief talk the senator was lured to the drinking fountain in the park to taste the famous mineral water. He stated "this sure would do wonders in a batch of beef stew."

Upon reaching the spring the presidential hopeful was approached by Billy Harmison, young son of Mr. and Mrs. William Harmison, who offered him a penny for the purchase of a drinking cup. After refilling his cup Humphrey yelled, "what boy gave me that penny." Billy edged his way through the other children and stated that he had. The senator told Billy, "my boy I will show you what happens when you invest your money properly" and then produced a dime for the youngster who, with beaming face and "gee thanks" scurried off.

The next stop for the campaigner was Martinsburg where his late arrival drew less than 100 people.

Bob Kennedy To Be Here Saturday

Bob Kennedy, brother of Senator John Kennedy, candidate for the Democratic nomination for President, will be in Berkeley Springs from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m., Saturday, in the interest of his brother's campaign, according to M. P. Michael who is heading the Kennedy campaign in Morgan county.

Bob Kennedy received national attention as chief counsel of the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor and Management Field.

Michael said his headquarters has been set up in the room between Swaim's Jewelry and the Camera Shop.

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