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Moundsville Daily Echo
April 28, 1960

Mrs. Humphrey Made Good Impression

At reception Wednesday night in Legion 3rd street hall, Mrs. Muriel Humphrey, wife of the presidential aspirant (4th from right end, holding Humphrey sticker) chatted with local people, and made brief remarks about their family and dedication. Mrs. Thomas Anderson, who arranged the event is in white blouse offering a cup of coffee to Mrs. Humphrey. Various members of the county Democratic committee have taken the responsibility of arranging courtesies to the various visiting candidates.

Left to right: Mrs. Clarice Reed of Cameron, Miss Alexandra Shaw mostly hidden, Mrs. and County Chairman Russell Matthews, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Dorothy Sedoski, Mrs. Humphrey, Mrs. Alton Yeater, Mr. Chapman and Mr. Kiger.

Mrs. Humphrey turns out to be a poised but very adaptable person, very pleasant, neither fluttery nor sharp-edged, who likes a good laugh. Altho she had spent a hard day touring the Panhandle clear to New Cumberland with many visits and interviews with press, radio and television, she did not show fatigue.

There was amiable conversation about her sewing (she makes many of her own clothes), women's hats (maybe if her husband gets to be President, he could do something about outlawing these new hats that look like buckets turned upside down over women's heads.)

Then she talked briefly to the whole group: "This is what I call a heartbreak campaign . . ."

(Senator Kennedy's brother had 48 hours before told the Echo he calls this "the fight of our lives.")

"We are carrying on with volunteer help. Mr. Foley and Mrs. Beth Brood (who are in the area to arrange the campaign and were there last night) are sacrificing their time to be here. This sort of thing makes it worthwhile for us to go on.["]

Gov. Freeman at St. Josephs

"Governor and Mrs. Freeman will be at St. Josephs Saturday night. Orville went to school with Hubert.

"We grew up in South Dakota in the dustbowl depression years. We learned how to take it. If you couldn't get one kind of job you took another. I think our youngsters sometimes aren't having the privilege today of this experience.

". . . [t]he word 'dedication' is a good one to use here. I heard Hubert being questioned why does he feel he should run and he replied you have to have a sense of mission . . .

". . . he has had experience as Mayor of Minneapolis, in the United Nations, the Foreign Relations committee of the Senate, on Agriculture and Labor and Public Welfare. All these fields are a wonderful background for the Presidency . . ."

In the conversation, she commented she was surprised how the small newspapers in West Virginia carry so much national and world news, compared to the small town papers in her home state, which cover only what happens right there.

She had to leave to catch a night plane to Charleston.

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